Holding On

Getting to the top is quite challenging (that’s a fact), however, something more challenging is staying at the top.

Economist says ‘Human need is insatiable’

One thing omitted from that statement is holding on to the needs once acquired.

As Christians, our goals, dreams, aims, wishes, aspiration… are being forwarded to the Most High daily. Some we receive immediately, some delayed, and others unanswered. In all of these, one thing we are blind folded to, is the mind of the Most High. We seek several things, but the Lord sees its pros and cons. Unfortunately, we are blind folded to his mind set, and are bound to act differently to the response we get from the Lord. Believe me, the Lord knows best.

Responding to our request is not a challenge to God, moreso, adding more onto us is not difficult for him. Now the big question is;

can you hold on to whatever is given unto you?

can you multiply it to his grace?

will you not say within you, that its all hard work?

will lust not consume you?…

No one is left out in these questions, have you hanged on to what you have?

The truth is; you have the capacity for more, you may not see or know it, but GOD knows.

Presently, do more with what you have and the Lord will multiply your coast.

He is an Able God.


The Only Goal

Life is short, that’s what I hear all the time.


Still no suitable response.

Considering 60seconds to a minute, 60minute to an hour, 24hours to a day and you call that short! Ok. I think it’s right to say 86,400seconds makes a day and 31,536,000 makes a year or 31,622,400 in a leap year.

Back to my question, how is life short or how short is life?

Referring to the figures above, I think I disagree about the shortness of life or may be shortness probably meant something else.

A quick review about life being short, let’s see if you agree.

Jesus was thirty years before he started his ministry and in three years, there was a milestone achievement. Now that’s life and its shortness.

Feel free to question my next line but kindly review the figures.

Jesus started his ministry at 30years of age and completed it at 33years of age. Now you can call that SHORT. To you, it’s short because he died, but to me he retired as his primary goal has been achieved. Sounds funny or logical?

What makes life short?

Personally, I would say our goals.

What are you working towards, what milestone achievement are you after? The truth is, the longer it takes you to achieve your goals the longer life gets. Unfortunately, our minds omits that fact. If it takes 50 years to achieve your goals, years of further would be summed up in our minds with the years of pursuing our dreams and the mind concludes; life is short.

During our raining days, were we time conscious or goal conscious?

Consider pregnancy; women go through a nine months cycle or more in some cases, but the shocker is, the moment she puts to bed, the nine months is history. The pain, the stress, the change in functionality of her system is all gone. Practically nine months looks like yesterday to her. Two years down the line, the same woman is looking forward to another baby.

In this illustration is the woman time conscious or goal conscious?

I think in our troubles and pain, we take cognizance of time, and tend to forget time when we are more relaxed. Generally, the joy of achievement covers the pain and hard work, and we often see our raining days as moments ago.

Define your goals!

We all have goals, primary or secondary…We plan for it, we work towards it, once achieved, life begins… That’s how our minds sometimes think…Some may think otherwise, but let me challenge you.

Achieve your goals early and let life begin early. With time let’s see our short life really his.

There’s a saying that doing the same thing the same way means the same result. If you agree, then lets adjust the principle a bit.

Why not change your primary goal or objective(s). Sounds weird or odd?

Or better said another way, sync your goals. Where? Good question.

You were created for a purpose and that goal has to be accomplished. The scripture says; ‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will never pass away’ (Mathew 24:35).

A clear confirmation that you are a paraphernalia…

If you disagree, ask yourself, why didn’t Judas changed his mind despite the warnings of Christ? I think he’s a paraphernalia for Christ crucifixion but that’s for another day.

Back to you being a paraphernalia; what’s your purpose of existence? You aren’t here to increase the earth figure. Answer this question early and you may see how long life could be.

2peter 3:9 God doesn’t want you to perish.

But why?

God wants something, what is it?

You need to find out and stop perambulating as time passes by.

All we like sheep have gone astray…

How? Very simple, by prioritizing our goals ahead that of God. As we do this, we become the biblical Israelites and wander the world in search of our promise land.

Consider Jeremiah 7:23-28

God wants you to make him your primary goal/objective.

To come back and get your mission, to which you sync your personal goals.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, that’s the word.

Try that and life would be so long that you will beg to leave.


Life is short because we pursue our personal goals as primary and make God’s plans secondary or tertiary and, as such we tend to waste away our time on earth. Funny enough, we return when the time is no longer on our side and all that seems far to achieve, now appears next to us… what a time waster we are… and in the end we say ‘Life is short’

Life is never short but we have made it short.

It’s time to prioritize our goals, let God be the primary. Do not attach any other goal to it, then make your personal goals secondary. Prioritize all that has to do with the primary goals over the secondary, the result I can bet will be shocking to you…

Make God your primary aim and life will be too long than you can imagine.

Put God to a test and you will discover HE is the only goal.

Stop being a time waster, seek Him and you shall find him…

For in him lies the ONLY GOAL, FOR HE IS THE GOAL.

In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God (John 1:1)


Just Another Rain

A bright day makes everyone feels good,and as life exist in us, the body seems to provide enough energy for every individual to explore the day to the fullest.

We all go out with a mission in our hearts and a goal to achieve for the day. In the hot or slightly cool weather, we don’t seem to back down instead we keep going and encourage ourselves that our aims are achievable. In the evening when the sun sets, we analyze our day and plan towards the next agenda.

As we run our lives on several missions and agendas, have we at a time take a break and try to ask; what’s our main aim or goal. It sounds funny though, as we all have a goal in our hearts, a dream in our mind which we believe our hustles or struggles are directed to.

Still, this question ponders in my mind often as I tend to discover that our goal(s) possess several goals that were not considered in the beginning, this ‘sub-goals’ as I refer to it often consumes us and diverts our attention somewhere else while we forget or abandon our main goal. Not always though, but we all have gone through this experience.

There’s something special on the path of man on earth which is; we always find a new opportunity in whatever challenge we encounter. Many may refer to this as sub-goals but I call it ‘just another rain’

In the beginning we may see it as a stepping stone or a by-pass avenue to greater heights and sometimes we see it as distractions. Our determination to our primary aim often consumes our need to explore other opportunities, though it’s the financial constraints or sometimes ignorance or ability not to see beyond the present and a times is the fact that an opportunity presents itself at the wrong time.

A brief review of a biblical experience about Noah and the ark. Noah has a mission, likewise those sharing his environment with him. The challenge here is, it became difficult for the occupants of the earth to attach themselves with his mission. Perhaps they know not that their dreams is attached to the survival of the great flood, a sub-goal which they needed to explore. While Noah was declaring his mission statement and calling for investors and stakeholders, no one cares.

Consider Steve Jobs and his dreams; his friends never knew APPLE was their sub-goal, an avenue they needed to explore.

Now I tried to see through the occupants of the earth view when the rain started during Noah’s era or Steve Jobs friends, to them it was ‘JUST ANOTHER RAIN’ or ‘Sub-Goal’ not knowing that was their doom in Noah’s case and a success in Jobs case.

Moreover, Elijah and Elisha was also a captivating scenario. Consider Elisha requesting for seven times the power of Elijah; deep down in Elisha, he least expected the garment of Elijah to be the source of what he needed. To Elisha the garment was just another cloth of Elijah.

In recap, life takes us through moments of the stories stated above. Contracts that turns our story into a testimony, in the beginning was ‘just another contract’ and vice versa.

‘Just another rain’ could be a breakthrough or a downfall no one knows… but I advise we remain steadfast in prayers and also vigilant with on-going events and opportunities.

God is Able.


Woke up during the late hour of the afternoon, I saw some offline messages from an old friend and tried to do a check up on her to see how life has been treating her. The conversation got interesting and I learnt something amazing which I love to share with you:

Like everyone else, my friend had gone through some terrible relationships in the past. From cheaters to scammers, liars just name it. Sometimes last year, she met someone who took away the pain and made all things brand new. At first, it felt like a dream but it kept getting better and better. Deep down, I felt so happy for her knowing her past and experiences.

Today, i got an offline message from her and decided to do a check on her to get some good news about marriage. To my surprise, the relationship i was so happy about is history. I was shocked and felt bad saying not again, but decided to inquire about what went wrong? But all I got was the same old story of the guy cheating.

At this point I asked her a straight question from a brother to a sis; which is, what’s next sis? You won’t believe her response…

She said am getting married…

I exhaled and asked how?

The story I got was fascinating. Apparently, she has someone who has been asking her for a relationship for a long time and she refused based on the height of the guy!!!

Don’t blame her though, we all have our preferences, but how marriage became the order of the day is what I find hard to comprehend. The guy has actually been studying her for long and was actually waiting to see if his time will come or not. How lucky!!!

Reviewing Life from her perspective is a bit different as the first question that came to me when she told me about her previous Mr Right being a cheat was ‘Why always you’ ‘Why do you always fall in the wrong hands’ and ‘what have you been doing wrong’ amongst others.

Getting the remaining part of the story changed my perspective and inspired me to write this article for you to learn from;

Life is a path. It could be straight, bent, rough, smooth, tarred, un-tarred etc. On this path lies several turns leading to several destinations and so on. As humans, you need to stop thinking of yourself as every other person. Accept yourself as a unique soul and try to explore everything about yourself.

A flashback at the lady story, she has known this latest guy for a long time and has said NO not knowing that’s the answer to her questions… Her saying No meant she’s at a round-about not knowing where to turn. The bad news is, every guy that comes to the round–about takes a share of her before moving on.

How terrible that is; considering her heart breaks, nights of pains and tears, loss of trust for humans and so on. Personally i believe this new relationship will have its elements of doubts from her part based on her experiences.

This is what i really think:

To every path God directs you, do not say No or try to follow your own ambition. Rather, merge your plans into that of God or you could be trapped at the round-about just like her or keep perambulating like the Israelites.

Also, you need to need to be careful with criticism as I did earlier. It actually takes you being in her shoes to know the reasons for her actions and who says you won’t be terrible in her case. Life is a tricky journey and we all need HIS grace to be victorious…

May the Lord guide our paths in whatever we do.

Able God.


A very simple statement could actually get you more without stress and its absence may stop a particular flow…

To you, its just a small statement and sometimes we prefer material things as gratitude to humans.

what if we consider someone whose not impressed by material things!!!

Now that’s a cracker… As much as the human specie defers in its character, it is pleasant and comforting to know that not all humans wants material things as appreciation…

If the human could be in this form…. Now consider GOD!!!

God doesn’t want your material gifts, he doesn’t need them…. Your gifts to the pastors, bishops, reverends, apostles etc are human appreciation, which is not bad…. but what have you actually done for the creator…

Just a little estimation…

Nigeria as a country has approximately 15omillion or more people and its a known fact that Nigeria is not as big as Alaska in the USA…. Now lets do a little calculation here:

If we have 150million people in Nigeria with an assumption that Alaska has more, then it is right to say if GOD has time to respond to your request, then consider yourself lucky…

In conclusion, i think saying thank you to GOD should go beyond our praying times… It should be timeless…. Say it always as he has done more than our thank you could cover…

Lets all learn to appreciate him more in this New Year…


Praise him more in 2015 than you did in 2014…thats a challenge


I was sitting in an eatery, when i saw two people disagree over something i think is avoidable.

Most times we get into trouble due to pride or ignorance or something else and at times our ego blinds us to see beyond the present. Sometimes our pride gets us what we want and sometimes it doesn’t, but in cases where we don’t get what we want, have we tried to think through where we got it wrong. Pride has crashed the careers of many and has helped many moved into the next stage of their lives. But i will like us to consider the word ‘SORRY

Consider driving a car and you ran into another car or the opposite; rather than trying to prove whose right or wrong, a simple SORRY could turn the event around. Maybe that example was too cheap, what about considering the fact that the one person you trusted in the world ends up being a impostor! Now that’s hard… but what happens when they tell us SORRY… Do you still wish they never existed….

The truth is; as humans we are not perfect and we would always hurt one another, but are we all bold enough to accept our fault(s) and say SORRY… Now that’s the big question. But most times we fail to understand that SORRY could save us a lot of stress, time and energy. Instead we kept searching for excuses which supports our wrong doings, but we often forget ‘we could win the fight and lost the war’.

Some times people makes us look stupid or probably take us for fools due to our gentility. Consider most world wars or several attacks, its mostly associated to pride, power, ego etc. Even in court, your lawyer tells you to plead guilty and he is able to work out something for you. The same way religion supports a remorseful heart.

We all need to learn how to say SORRY, even when we are right. This may be confusing, why do i have to say sorry when am right? but there’s a saying that ‘you don’t wrestle with a pig’… have you tried to ask why? may be you need a rethink… 

There’s no way you are perfect in all things, hence all you need is to know when to say SORRY and move on. In our homes, offices, relationships etc we need to learn how to say SORRY.